Defiant Sloth is written by Paul Williams.


  1. Minnetrista: Born & Raised
  2. Chicago: Transplanted 2004-2018
  3. Saint Paul: Currently Residing 2018+.

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Author of @defiantsloth. Vice President, Content at @performics. Married to @ayashaley. Hot sauce lover, cosmic agitator.

Professional by Day

Vice President, Content
As the performance content arm of Publicis Media, discipline areas include content marketing, conversion optimization (A/B/MTV testing), site optiization and personalization, user experience, and local data management.

Hobbyist by Night

Vocal scoundrel
Defiant Sloth, where you'll find spirited discourse on the importance of privacy, data ownership, journalism, product reviews, and the inevitability of other miscellany.


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