Hostile Reading Experiences

A Public Exhibit of Shame

You click (or tap) an appealing link to a recommended article and land on a page to read content but instead are met with hostile distractions everywhere -- ads, auto-play videos, animations, related/unrelated articles, social media buttons, twitter streams. This is maddening to the point that it may very well end our appetite for reading online.

So let us publicly scorn them before any unfortunate onlookers, or curious readers, suffer their website experiences.

Had Enough?

Here are solutions for reading that make it better.

There are ways to avoid this harmful experience and skirt your around the noise. Below are recommended "read later" services and extensions that provide a clean, easy method for reading the actual article:

Submit Your Own

A degenerate news site (or reading experience) missing from here? Send it and I'll likely post it. Don't shy away from providing your example with a screenshot or link.

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