Milwaukee 2012

If you happen to be interested in my recent jaunt to the northern lands of Wisconsin (specifically, Milwaukee), I've published a few photos to peruse at your leisure.

Our dinner at Hinterland was unmatched during the entire trip. This self-proclaimed gastropub has incredible food and drinks. Their scallops melt in the mouth while lightly brushing your tastebuds with blackened spices -- a notch above Longman & Eagle's back here in Chicago (which is really the only appropriate comparison). The Andouille-crusted halibut defied expectations: sitting in a bed of Spanish chorizo, potato-pepper hash, cilantro aioli, and red hot butter sauce, this was just as succulent as the scallops -- incalculably soft and palatable. I also decided to destroy my esophagus with the cocktail battering ram that is Robo's Antifogmatic, a devlish concoction of house-infused Thai chili vodka, coconut water, lime, and ginger. The waiter kept telling me that the chef just makes the stuff in the back; after two sips, "you should be accustomed to it". Yeah, well, it took a few more than that. But I did order two glasses of it, so that counts for something.

I've also begun cranking away at a uniform series of photographs tentatively called Intimidating Beverages. Wide-angled but intense -- you get the idea below. Only have one that really expounds upon the idea, but I hope to accumulate several more over the remainder of the year.

Intimidation: Coffee. (Milwaukee Public Market)