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Around the Internet (July 2013)

A few things discovered or linked to across the Internet the past couple of weeks that I've either saved for later reading or pinned to my Pinboard account.

  • We Never Look Up
    • Photo blog that focuses on people in public places that are constantly looking at their phone, tablet, etc.
  • Calca App for iOS
    • Modern calculator and text editor merged into one (ala Soulver, but more powerful)
  • Practical Typography
    • Fantastic resource for typography education and rationale. As Erik Spiekermann states in his foreward: "A few hun­dred years of type and ty­pog­ra­phy have es­tab­lished rules that only a fool would ig­nore."
  • Beer Labels in Motion
    • I don't know what's more impressive - the animations themselves, or the effort it took to make them all GIFs after cleverly animating them (via Daring Fireball)
  • Frietag
    • Interesting bags and accessories reincarnated from an annual scrounge and repurposing of "390 tons of well-traveled truck tarps, 36,000 worn-out bicycle inner tubes, 22,000 discarded seatbelts and 1400 sq yds of recycled airbags"
  • International Space Station in Transit
    • Just what it sounds like. (via Kottke)
  • Authentic Design
    • Great write-up on designing for the medium of delivery.
  • True-ish Grit
    • Tom Bissell's review of his experience with Naughty Dog's latest game, The Last of Us (on PS3).
  • Brian K. Vaughan's The Private Eye is a Bold Move Forward for Digital Comics
    • Been enjoying this one (only three issues thus far), and AV Club has a write-up on it, proclaiming the digital-only distribution of the new IP is paving an interesting way forward for the comics book industry. Of course, Panel Syndicate (the "publishing" company run by artist Marcos Martin and writer Brian K. Vaughan) is likely only successful because of the built-in fanbase of their work, much akin to the popularizing of the self-published music album from Radiohead, (arguably one of the most popular bands on the planet)
  • Through a Glass Darkly
    • The Magazine's Nate Berg takes a look into the Museum of Jurassic Technology and its "realities" and "fictions"

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