The Super Nintendo: A Retrospective

Every time I write about a game it seems like I'm pulling out a dusty box of memories and reminiscing like scratched vinyl. But unless you’re the God Emperor of Dune (sorry, been marathoning through these novels), we look to the past to contextualize the present. Older, canonized games have inextricably become reference anchors for so many of the new ones we play today — So much so that they have become ever more relevant with the direction the industry is tracking towards. Just like cinema, we have a lot to appreciate from the generations before us.

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Is Silicon Valley Funding the Wrong Stuff?

I don't normally "link-list" stuff on this blog, but I felt this article hit a nerve for the kind of concerns I typically have for the tech industry.

Two good quotes:

The problem isn’t entrepreneurs.... it’s the venture capitalists who are funding them


...the pursuit of advertising dollars includes about every startup that is going for scale first and says it will figure out how to "monetize" its users "once it has the eyeballs."

As always, there's more than one side to this story, but the more I hear and read about small startups getting insane VC capital, it makes me wonder when this bubble is going to burst worse than the original one back in the early 2000s. And as the article indicates, I'm not necessarily concerned about some of these goofy (Yo app) or bold (Uber) ideas, but rather the valuations these campanies are receiving.

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Canadiano Coffee Maker Review

A recent gift from the brother and sister-in-law prompted me to write a review about it. The Canadiano coffee maker, made in Canada (obviously) and apparently by some loony designers, is one of the more curious pour-over coffee makers I’ve used. Wrought entirely from wood (except for the stainless steel filter cone at its epicenter), the Canadiano  promises to assume the flavors of a continually used coffee bean over time. I expect such absorption to enhance future pours, a feat that glass and ceramic vessels simply can’t match. Since I usually stick to similarly roasted beans, it may be good practice to rotate in and out of using the Canadiano depending on the origin of the beans that Tonx drops at my door.

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