Saga of the Leftovers

How do we deal with the fragility of life? How do we cope with lost love and lost family? How do we contend with the forces of nature, the forces of mortality? It took some patience, and some diligence, but I powered through the first season of HBO’s _The Leftovers_ through all the perceptively melancholy, depressing episodes to get here: season 2. 

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Next Keyboard for iOS Review

Back in February, I backed a Kickstarter project with a mission to remake the iOS keyboard. Unlike other third-party keyboards, this one specifically was taking charge for Apple devices only. When I gave them the five bucks or so it cost to back the project, I felt that this was a unique proposition, and was excited by the notion of a focused keyboard replacement (so many other third-party keyboards were and continue to be built for all operating systems, you'd think a focused app would take advantage of its core system better than one that wasn't). 


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What the Ad Blockers Debate Reveals

Thoroughly-written post at Monday Note, detailing the woes and triumphs of the advertising industry amidst critical changes in iOS 9 and OS X regarding ad content blocking technology. It's not a one-sided debate, if you're at all familiar with the matter, and the fact that so many businesses (on both sides -- ad and content) are affected by it, this should be a good indication of how important ad blocking will become moving forward.

Jean-Louis Gassée's article distills most of the debate down to improved user experiences for certain device owners (ahem, Apple users) -- enough research has already proven that the content-blocking technology reduces load times and data usage during its beta run, improving a number of experiences for owners of iOS and Mac products. But I'm more interested in how many people will actually be aware of this new feature and will actually use it when it comes out. My guess: only those who know it exists, which is the usual niche tech-savvy userbase.

Is That an Apple Watch?

The whole thing was a gamble. We had both mentioned our curiosity and disdain for the Apple Watch when it was first given its overly glamorous introduction last fall. We both have iPhones and Macs and iPads and, more or less, are Apple enthusiasts, but here the company goes, introducing yet another new product line that begs daily attention. Another product to charge every night at your bedside with a wholly different cable. Another device that seemingly does what your other device does, but not quite (it isn’t nearly as redundant as the iPad’s existence), and with signficantly less power. Since neither of us had the ability to demo it before ordering it, we didn’t know what to expect from the new device and its technologies — which seemed rather crucial for something that was to be worn on your wrist as a technical extension of your phone and as a fashionable accessory requiring the wearer’s taste.

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