Pure Brewed From God's Country

Every year, the folks in Wheaton, Illinois (and, I presume, the surrounding region) get together for a massive, all-night flea market ho-down.

The lure of such a curiosity propelled me and the gal to visit. A fifty minute Metra ride from Chicago and a solid game of Carcassone on the iPhone, and we arrived in Wheaton. With no optimal method of getting to the fairgrounds without a car, we consulted the Maps app, which sent us straight into an industrial warehouse backyard and cut us off from the main road due to impenetrable construction work.

Technology misses big when you need it most.

Finally wove our way there around 8:00pm. Stayed for a few hours before having to cut the sojourn short because of that shitty Metra schedule. Bartering, junking, people watching — you got it.

Check out the Flickr set.