Duck Duck Go

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Yes, I work SEO. But when you live in a Google/Bing environment day in, day out, you need a break. So, after reading through some trusty blogs, I found DuckDuckGo. And it’s brilliant.

It’s a fast little alternative to the behemoths, sporting a sweet logo, good interface, useful features, appropriate privacy, and supportive community. Plus: fewer ads, less bloat.

Features that make it wonderful:

  • The !bang syntax, which allows you to directly search another website from DDG (i.e., use: !amazon digital slr in the DDG search field, and you’ll be sent directly to’s search results for digital slr).
  • Their touted “zero-click info” box appears above search results and features any number of things, including answers to a question-oriented query (it uses the Wolfram Alpha API and often gives you embedded answers from there), definitions, calculations, password creator — even lorem ipsum text generation! Their list of info sources includes Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, StackOverflow, SourceForge, VersionTracker, among others. It’s a lovely list.
  • Customization of fonts, colors, etc. If you want it, it’s there. I’m searching with Century Gothic for kicks.

It’s now my default search engine for Chrome. If there’s ever a need to use some of Google’s advanced search filters (or if I actually have to use it for work), I’ll just toss !google in front of my query. Nbd.