The Fans are All Right

Pinboard’s creator on staying true to his users with his bookmarking service, and refraining from buckling to the socializing plug-in layers that riddle so many other services. Pinboard, after all, has always intended to be “a bookmarking site and personal archive with an emphasis on speed over socializing.”

Pinboard is not a social site, and it has always been about archiving, not sharing. I don’t intend to make the same mistake Avos did and suddenly try to retool the site for a brand new group while neglecting the quiet link hoarders who form the Pinboard old guard. As a grouchy hermit, I like to think that other grouchy hermits should have a place to store stuff that will never feel like publishing or expose them to unwanted contact with other people.

At the same time, I think the fans are a very nice bunch who have been somewhat hard done by, and that their presence will be a long-term boon to the site. Like bees in a garden, the sudden arrival of a big swarm can be alarming, but all this swarm wants is a place to set up a hive and get to work. And I’ll end this metaphor right now before it provokes any pollination slash.