“No more untitled document syndrome, no more being told you can’t restart your computer because an app needs attention before it can quit, no more crashes causing massive data loss (one hopes… although one also wouldn’t expect Adobe to jump aboard this new technology with particular fervor), just the illusion [of] seamlessness and stability.”

Apple continues moving computers toward adulthood. No more wasting time tinkering around, tweaking minute settings, losing unsaved files, organizing directory hierarchies. Its a bold move, but it’s the only way you move an industry forward. This is all about accessibility and productivity.

When you stop thinking exclusively inside your geek bubble, you’ll realize that most people don’t know what a ‘task manager’ is, don’t understand open vs. closed or integrated vs. fragmented, don’t get why applications are delivered in a mountable disk image with an installation process. These people will welcome easier, no bullshit computing and get more done while they’re wired. At the end of the day, isn’t that the reason we’re using computers?

Via Release Candidate One