Brilliant comments, links, and vias supporting the movement for the maturation of computing — it’s finally coming around. I love this discussion — I’ve mentioned it before, and I want it to hit critical mass (at least for the ‘geek luddites’ and appropriate technology journalists). The highlights:

Watts Martin:

“The model we’re moving toward, though, is premised on the idea that computers shouldn’t require routine tech support. Again, look back at game consoles: an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 is a fully programmable computer with networking capability, offline storage, removable media, the whole shebang, yet all of that is invisible to the user. What file system does a Playstation use and what directories does it put your downloaded games in? The correct answer is: “Who gives a shit?””

Marco Arment:

“… this is a great migration for the industry.”


“Think of how many people are so afraid of their PCs that they only do the bare minimum with them and never venture into unknown territory because they’re afraid of “breaking” their computers. How many of them recently bought iPads and have become much more confident and adventurous with usage and applications, since Apple tricked them into thinking that the iPad isn’t a computer?”

John Gruber: (He just provided the links.)