Saddleback Leather

A recent discovery, Saddleback Leather is a serious online retailer specializing in leather goods. They sell geniune, 100% leather goods across several accessory lines, including wallets, business bags, luggage, and belts. The warranty for their products also happens to be 100 years. Yeah, no shit. Fortunately, the seriousness ends with their products, and everything else is military-grade wit. Nothing beats a good copywriter.

So I recently placed an order for a fairly inexpensive wallet — an extremely simple thing, featuring one slot that holds around 8 cards (when jammed tightly in), and provides a finger hole at the bottom for popping up and extracting. As any good retailer, these fellows have a friendly Common Questions tab for each of their products. An important question of moral integrity regarding the leather’s origin receives an excellent response:

Are the animals tortured before they are slaughtered?

Absolutely not! With some pigs we do use waterboarding and sensory deprivation techniques previous to slaughtering them, but the cows do not require any special handling.

How you can not support a place like this? The whole site is a delight to read. When I actually received my wallet, tucked between the leather was a small business card of the company CEO with the tagline of “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead.” More, please.