Regarding Orbital Content

Cameron Koczon recently wrote an excellent post about orbital content. It tangentially relates to my recent post on the Performics blog. Users from the modern consumption era of Internet access are increasingly using apps and bookmarklets to parse out the useful content from sites into much more mangageable, easily accessible “orbital” collections. But:

Calling Instapaper a content shifter tells only half the story. It puts too much attention on the shifting and not enough on what needs to happen before a piece of content can be shifted. Before content can be shifted, it must be correctly identified, uprooted from its source, and tied to a user. This process, which I call “content liberation” is the common ground between Instapaper, Svpply, Readability, Zootool, and other bookmarklet apps. Content shifting, as powerful as it is, is just the beginning of what’s possible when content is liberated.