Air Video

While it’s been out for quite some time, Air Video has proven itself as an exemplar app for the entire iOS ecosystem. The video streaming app works on two impressive levels:

  1. Streams a video file to any iOS device from just about any source
  2. Converts on-the-fly just about any formatted video to any iOS device (or from a mobile one to the Apple TV)

These things, in combination, draw genuine technological awe. And it works very well.

Air Video

I’m not sure what kind of sorcery is employed by the programmers at In Method, but they designed an app that can work around the limited video formats associated with iOS viewing, access from from any repository (aside from just iTunes, like a shared network drive), stream the content to your device, convert it from any crazy format you encode or find, and even do this from a shared network drive through your iOS device to your TV.

That is seriously impressive.

Air Video comes highly recommended, especially for a paltry $2.99. It does require you have a Mac or Windows PC set up with the free Air Video Server software. And streaming to your TV only works with an Apple TV. From my experience, you can use this thing with a very convoluted setup. Currently, I’m doing the following:

  1. Streaming videos from a repository on a networked drive
  2. The networked drive is hooked into an old PowerBook G4 (with USB2)
  3. This drive is wirelessly being accessed by a MacBook Pro
  4. The MacBook Pro is running the Air Video Server

The whole thing actually works without any hiccups. And this is with the app’s Live Conversion feature running.