Art of the eBay Auction

My official receipt, customized based on man or woman buyer

Can one be so bold as to claim an artful experience for something as pedestrian as selling goods online? Isn’t the exchange of goods from an individual standpoint just as representative of your personal brand as the packaging and experience from a company? After all, eBay has encouraged good behavior and quality assurance by leveraging its brilliant user reputation platform. And so I say to you: if you’re selling something, even if it’s just your Dad’s vintage Gillette razor, make the sale memorable!

Your customer’s experience deserves respect. Going overboard gets you results. Happiness. Feedback. Promotions.

I’ve had plenty of inadequate experiences in the past through services like eBay. I’ve never had an issue receiving the package, but on a number of occasions I’ve seen the following:

  1. Crappy, inappropriate packaging. Whether the box was peeling at the seams or a DVD case was irregularly jammed into a bubble envelope or a lack of accessory packing materials around fragile items, I’ve seen it. Looks like this fellow recently experienced the same ill treatment.
  2. No receipt, no acknowledgement of sale, no thanks. That’s bullshit. You just made a transaction, received payment over the Internet. Grow some balls and print the fucking receipt PayPal and eBay provide you, the seller. Put it anywhere inside your package. Just put it in there.
  3. No delivery confirmation email, no tracking number. Okay, so I order something. The seller receives payment. And I wait. And then one day I receive the package. Or I don’t. Why not acknowledge payment, send an email when you’ve shipped the product, and provide a tracking number? While most people do this, those that don’t get negative Feedback no-fucking-questions.
  4. No Feedback provided from the seller. This is just a failure to comply with everything the seller signed up for with eBay:

That Feedback is an essential part of what makes eBay a successful community.

Do it.

Address the above with class and a font other than Times New Roman, and I’ll respect you.

I recently sold my old iSight webcam. The attached image shows the receipt, which was ziploc-wrapped with an extra Field Notes I had laying around (for good measure). Laid it atop of the carefully cushioned iSight (unfortunately I didn’t keep the cool box it came in, which represented Apple’s early 00s “square” theme), and shipped it the next business day. Sent an email to the buyer confirming outward shipment, along with a tracking number.

Didn’t take me long. Enjoyed the weekend. Boom.