Privacy Resources

General Privacy Toolkit

  • Signal: Private, secure end-to-end encrypted messaging platform available on iOS and Android (by Open Whisper Systems).
    • WhatsApp: Also employs the open source encryption code powering Signal; popular alternative.
  • DuckDuckGo: "The search engine that doesn't track you." Noble alternative to Google.
  • Chayn's Do It Yourself Online Safety Comprehensive online guide to protecting yourself digitally.
  • CDT’s State Privacy Resource Center A repository of information to help state and local policymakers craft privacy legislation.

Privacy Organizations & Manifestos

  • Global Privacy Watch: A legal blog resource for "employers across the globe", providing "timely legal and news updates to C-suite executives, corporate in-house counsel, technology and privacy officers, and HR professionals concerned about protecting their access to and use of personal information in this data driven economy."
  • Center for Democracy & Technology: Organzation that works "to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age."
  • Privacy International: London-based charity who "investigate the secret world of government surveillance and expose the companies enabling it."
  • Madrid Privacy Declaration: Absolutely worth reading. This declaration is one of the strongest, directional stances on civil digital rights in the modern era.

Digital Advertising Controls

  • Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page: Resource detailing companies participating in the DAA Principles for providing transparency and choice with ads encountered online. This site will allow you to control ads pointed at you based on your online behavior or interest-based data collected.
  • Google Privacy Controls: Instruct Google on what types of data they collect and use in their online advertising, particularly around its customization and estimation of your interests based on behavioral data collection. Part of any good housekeeping for your Internet use.

Journalism Resources

  • Expose Facts: Blog that "sheds light on concealed activities relevant to human rights, corporate malfeasance, civil liberties, and war"
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation: Resource for crowdfunding security tools and system for journalists and whistleblowers, news aggregation for secrecy and surveillance, and resource for how-to protection guides.
  • Securedrop An open-source submission system that allows organizations to securely receive documents and other materials from (and communicate with) anonymous sources.


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