The Great Minnesota Pull-Tabs 🎰 Library

The uniquely idiotic gambling game found in Minnesota (and parts of Wisconsin).

Think of it as a slot machine made out of paper. Imagine the scene: the split beer stink of a dive bar, a glass of perspiring alcohol nestled against a plate of piping-hot tater tots, a plastic green discard basket, and a stack of un-ripped pull-tabs.

So here’s a personal library of pull-tabs – an ode to their whimsical designs and to the never-ending quest to win hard and lose gracefully.

I Like Big Booty at Gabe’s

several pull-tabs ripped open on a wooden table with a theme of pirate symbolism like treasure, parrot, golden goblets, and pineapple

Pub Crawl at Mancinis

pull tab with illustrations of big mugs of beer, cocktails, and barrels with a red-yellow theme

Fog Cutter at Mancinis

pull tab ripped open with illustrations of drunk sailors, captains, sailboat, and lanterns

Drunk Punch at Black Hart

pull tab with themed illustrations of drink punch bowls, beer pong cup stacks, etc. in blue and pink colors

Shots at Monies in Maple Plain

Pull-tab on counter called Shots

Bank Roll at No Neck Tony’s in Lake Elmo

Ripped open pull-tab on left, back-side of pull tab called Bank Roll on right, sitting on dark table

Don’t Bug Me at Dark Horse in Saint Paul

back side of a pull-tab that is titled Don’t bug me

Meat Heads at Brian’s in Stillwater

back side of a butcher and meat-oriented pull-tab

Skol Vikes at Curly’s in Duluth

pile of a pull-tabs with Viking imagery on a wood tabletop

Hot Diamonds at Halftime Rec in Saint Paul

small stack of pulltabs labeled Hot Diamonds to the left of a pull tab sheet that has been ripped open, all losers

Pull-tab on Sidewalk in Saint Paul

a lone pink pull-tab on a grisly sidewalk with a leaf

Bet the Max at Black Hart in Saint Paul

small stack of pull-tabs titled Bet the Max on wood tabletop

It’s Lit & a Win at Billy’s on Grand

Stack of pull-tabs with branding 'It's Lit' Pulled-open pull-tabs with wins on several

Money Stalks at Billy’s on Grand in Saint Paul

Small stack of pull-tabs labeled Money Stalks on marble bar top

The floor of Curly’s in Duluth

Looking down at floor with piles of pull-tabs

Stack em high at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

the rack em stack em pull-tab

Bananas at Jimmy’s Bar in Minneapolis

banana-themed pull tab open at wood bar top

Nice little win at Stillwater’s No Neck Tonys, probably paid for dinner

opened pull-tab win in dimly lit bar

Fun Fair at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

Fun Fair theme of pull-tabs, raised in a hand in front of the pull-tab kiosk

Forgotten location:

blue-tinted image of a ripped-open pull-tab

A stack of snappers at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

stack of Snappers-branded pull-tabs on table

A fat, fat win that my father-in-law pulled at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

Blurry pull-tab win for $1,000