The Great Minnesota Pull-Tabs 🎰 Library

The uniquely idiotic gambling game found in Minnesota (and parts of Wisconsin).

Think of it as a slot machine made out of paper. Imagine the scene: the split beer stink of a dive bar, a glass of perspiring alcohol nestled against a plate of piping-hot tater tots, a plastic green discard basket, and a stack of un-ripped pull-tabs.

So here’s a personal library of pull-tabs – an ode to their whimsical designs and to the never-ending quest to win hard and lose gracefully.

Shots at Monies in Maple Plain

Pull-tab on counter called Shots

Bank Roll at No Neck Tony’s in Lake Elmo

Ripped open pull-tab on left, back-side of pull tab called Bank Roll on right, sitting on dark table

Don’t Bug Me at Dark Horse in Saint Paul

back side of a pull-tab that is titled Don’t bug me

Meat Heads at Brian’s in Stillwater

back side of a butcher and meat-oriented pull-tab

Skol Vikes at Curly’s in Duluth

pile of a pull-tabs with Viking imagery on a wood tabletop

Hot Diamonds at Halftime Rec in Saint Paul

small stack of pulltabs labeled Hot Diamonds to the left of a pull tab sheet that has been ripped open, all losers

Pull-tab on Sidewalk in Saint Paul

a lone pink pull-tab on a grisly sidewalk with a leaf

Bet the Max at Black Hart in Saint Paul

small stack of pull-tabs titled Bet the Max on wood tabletop

It’s Lit & a Win at Billy’s on Grand

Stack of pull-tabs with branding 'It's Lit' Pulled-open pull-tabs with wins on several

Money Stalks at Billy’s on Grand in Saint Paul

Small stack of pull-tabs labeled Money Stalks on marble bar top

The floor of Curly’s in Duluth

Looking down at floor with piles of pull-tabs

Stack em high at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

the rack em stack em pull-tab

Bananas at Jimmy’s Bar in Minneapolis

banana-themed pull tab open at wood bar top

Nice little win at Stillwater’s No Neck Tonys, probably paid for dinner

opened pull-tab win in dimly lit bar

Fun Fair at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

Fun Fair theme of pull-tabs, raised in a hand in front of the pull-tab kiosk

Forgotten location:

blue-tinted image of a ripped-open pull-tab

A stack of snappers at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

stack of Snappers-branded pull-tabs on table

A fat, fat win that my father-in-law pulled at Mancini’s in Saint Paul

Blurry pull-tab win for $1,000