Various things I’m working on. None overtly important — all for the pleasure of it.

🎰 The Great Minnesota Pull-Tabs Library

A collection of pull-tabs found or ripped-through around the state of Minnesota.

🧭 Travel × Guides

A growing list of city maps featuring points of interest that have been vetted for enjoyment, mostly eateries and drinking holes.

📋 Blogroll

Definitive list of blogs I’ve been reading for years, as well as recent entrants.

💠 Notable Things

Sort of a ‘now’ page, sort of a recent recommendations page.

💵 Slimmest Wallets

Evergreen reference for what I deem the best, slimmest, most streamlined and functional wallets a person can acquire and use.

🗃️ Blog Archive

Historical links (since 2012) to articles posted to my blog, including category filters.