The sorry state of the RSS ecosystem since Google Reader's fallout has left bloggers and news sites in a bit of disarray. As such, most folks who write frequently (and would like to track the number of subscribers to their work) have become wary of Google's Feedburner RSS tracking platform. While I've been using it for Defiant Sloth, I finally decided to cast away from it, and made the move to FeedPress this week.

Since migrating, FeedPress has made it easy to manage my account and view analytics. It also seems more and more like the preferred platform by most writers and companies for their future RSS feed management. Here are a few reasons why I was compelled to switch (other than the fear of Feedburner sunsetting in the near future):

  1. They're an actual company built around RSS feed management (not Google's abandoned step-child)
  2. They offer a premium option that likely provides them enough cost coverage to retain feed management [indefinitely].
  3. They're actively developing new tools and integrations with other online services, like MailChimp and Dropbox.

All my RSS feed links are updated, and while current subscribers should still see posts with the feed link with which they originally subscribed, you may want to double-check and just update to the new one for certainty:

Defiant Sloth RSS

Thanks for sticking around.