Thoroughly-written post at Monday Note, detailing the woes and triumphs of the advertising industry amidst critical changes in iOS 9 and OS X regarding ad content blocking technology. It's not a one-sided debate, if you're at all familiar with the matter, and the fact that so many businesses (on both sides -- ad and content) are affected by it, this should be a good indication of how important ad blocking will become moving forward.

Jean-Louis Gassée's article distills most of the debate down to improved user experiences for certain device owners (ahem, Apple users) -- enough research has already proven that the content-blocking technology reduces load times and data usage during its beta run, improving a number of experiences for owners of iOS and Mac products. But I'm more interested in how many people will actually be aware of this new feature and will actually use it when it comes out. My guess: only those who know it exists, which is the usual niche tech-savvy userbase.