Round-up for March 11-12

Machine Bias: ProPublica's ongoing investigation into machine/data-driven usage for criminal risk assessments and crime predictions.

What should you think about when using Facebook?: Facebook logs drafts of posts/keystrokes before you post, or even if you don't post.

Apple says it’s already patched ‘many’ iOS vulnerabilities identified in WikiLeaks’ CIA dump Title says it all, but it’s a hopeful reassurance that Apple has detected and patched many of the alleged CIA exploits brought forth in the Wikileaks unraveling.

Your Own Facts: A great essay/book review on the “filter bubbles” we continue to create ourselves or sign up for with external apps and services. Essentially, author Eli Pariser argues that “this is not to deny that Silicon Valley engineers […] have responsibilities that extend far beyond their job descriptions. But their modest quests to improve relevance, alleviate information overload and suggest books that may interest us — rather than to engage in algorithmic paternalism and assume a more critical social role — may be the lesser of two evils”.

Internet Censorship and What We’re Doing About It: A leading encryption-based email service provides a rundown of why we should care about internet censorship, and what some of its plans are in terms of helping the wider world. Of course, this is leading up to a release later this summer of their ProtonVPN service, set to compete against other VPNs (virtual private networks) that can assist in black boxing your internet traffic and behaviors.