Here I go again with another post on zipper pulls.

Why is it I find these things fascinating? First, it helps that I love bags, their design, and the joy they bring in usage (traveling in any form). While some folks derive additional joy out of tweaking, optimizing, and maintaining their hardware (computers, automobiles, homes, et al), bags don't inherently have a lot of maintenance or tinkering, at least not intrinsically.

So naturally, one of the easiest ways to customize and add incremental user interfaces to a bag is through its zipper pulls. I first got into the habit (itch?) for this back when I had my first truly quality bag (Goruck's GR1). Since then, I've bought several other bags/accessories from great manufacturers like Tom Bihn, Aer, Peak Design, and Evergoods, and tinkered with zipper pulls on every one of them. It's fun, it's a way to putz around, and find some enjoyment out of configuring.

Modifying zipper pulls isn't difficult, either, and the zipper doesn't even need to have a proper slider tab to do it (the typical "pull" for the zipper). Goruck famously removes the tabs and uses heat wax over paracord for a silent zipper pull mechanism that is still one of the best implementations in the industry. If you think about metal zipper pulls on some bags/suitcases, they can be loud and annoyingly jingle every time you move the bag -- Goruck's method, or having a non-metal zipper pull threaded through a zipper tab, can help mitigate the noise or entirely dampen the noise.

Anyway, if you're looking for something incredibly mundane but somehow gratifying to freshen up your bags, this is a good way to go about it!