A short appreciation post to one of the best (well, the best) local monthly meal-delivery service out there: Paris Dining Club. It’s a lovely three-course meal you get once a month, but instead of dining out, you’re dining in, and you can do in your PJs while easily preparing chef Jamie Malone’s excellent French-inspired cuisine.

Pictured here is this past month’s first course, a hearts of palm salad (including tangerine supremes, shrimp mousseline, fried shallots, and a rambunctiously citrus vinaigrette). It complemented the main dish (lobster with macaroni gratin) really nicely. I think we ended up pairing this all with martinis.

One of the nice bonuses you get with each box is a local collaboration – for this one, it was a really swank pineapple/lemon/lime/salt/serrano/vanilla mix (to be whipped in a shaker with tequila, natch) from Steady Pour Beverage Co.

Anyway, we’re enjoying this. It’s a fun nice dinner out (but in) to look forward to every third week of the month, no reservations required. Light up some candles, set up the table, and unpack / cook it up in usually less than 20 mins while sipping a wine. It’s nice. I recommend.