Another great generative AI perspective (this one from John Siracusa) about the coming foibles of creative ownership and the relationship between those creating and those consuming. Very astute approach to thinking towards the right way to frame the big question of “who made this”.

Text from linked article: “In its current state, generative Al breaks the value chain between creators and consumers. We don't have to reconnect it in exactly the same way it was connected before, but we also can't just leave it dangling. The historical practice of conferring ownership based on the act of creation still seems sound, but that means we must be able to unambiguously identify that act. And if the same act (absent any prior legal arrangements) conters ownership in one context but not in another, then perhaps it's not the best candidate.&10;I'm not sure what the right answer is, but I think I'm getting closer to the right question. It's a question I think we're all going to encounter a lot more frequently in the future: Who made this?”