We went cruising across Vermont last week for a vacation, staying in a variety of towns (including Burlington, Stowe, Waitsfield, and Woodstock). Lovely place. It's very much a "Wisconsin of the eastern US plus mountains", as we visited a number of dairy farms and tasted our way through a terrific breweries. I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked, but... here are a handful of shots (specifically of the beer and cheese we tried).

foamy draft-poured glass of IPA beer in a golden color on a black table with black coaster

The Alchemist’s legendary Heady Topper IPA, tasted off the draft line at the brewery near/in Stowe. Really nice campus there.

green can of Fiddlehead IPA on a metal tabletop outside

Fiddlehead’s IPA, which I saw in a can at just about every restaurant and bar we frequented.

square package of cheese called Plymouth Cheddar in all caps

An excellent pack of Plymouth Cheddar. We nibbled our way through this paired with a bottle of Ira Sylvan Trousseau wine, unintentionally good together.

dimly lit can of beer with red cursive text called Waterbury Club Lager on a wood bar top

The Waterbury Club Lager, brewed by Prohibition Pig. Apparently they were heavily inspired by signage across the street and “copied it nearly to a T” as much as they could, in all fairness.

circular package of cheese with teal label and an orange blowfish mascot

A package of the Willoughby Cheese by Jasper Hill Farms. Alas, we didn’t get a chance to visit this farm, but ate this while staying at a farm B&B, so kind of worked out.

aluminum bottle of water with blue colorway atop a stone pillar in front of a farm blurred in the background

For consistency’s sake, I usually always pose a photo of a water bottle. This was taken at the Billings Farm in Woodstock after a short bike ride there. Aluminum bottles or bust.